Why Net Grow

Not only do we have years of experience in creating web based solutions, but our process to isolate problems, clearly explain options and involve you in selecting the best solution makes us an easy choice.

There are 100s of different ways to solve any problem, but what's key is communicating simply, in clear terms, so that you, the decision maker, can understand the hurdles and feel confident with our proposed solution. We strive to achieve this; not confusing you with buzzwords or the inner workings of what we do, instead focusing on the bigger picture. Excited? Good! Doesn't matter where in Australia you are located; from Sydney or Melbourne to over in Perth, we can help. Speak to someone today!

Net Grow Technically

Still like to know more about our proficiencies? We only make make use of industry leading software, frameworks & technology such as Adobe Master Collection, Sony Vegas Pro, Eclipse, jQuery, MySQL/Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon Web Services, ColdFusion & PHP to name a just a few.

Adobe Logo

Net Grow has been using the Adobe suite of tools since Macromedia days. Logo design in Photoshop? Need a brochure made in Illustrator? Want some animation or programming in Flash? Or even some flashy video effects in After Effects? Don't worry, we do it all.

ColdFusion 10 Logo

Our certified Advanced ColdFusion developers have supported Adobe's Java based, server side language for close to 10 years. Combined with its most mature and robust MVC framework MachII, we have been built OOP style applications in excess of a 1,000,000 lines of code.

HTML5 Logo

HTML5 is the way of the future and is now a feasible replacement to HTML4 and XHTML on production sites. For years we built all our websites with XHTML 1.0 Strict, however the new semantic tags and features added with HTML5 are a clear winner and additionally are more search engine friendly.

CSS3 Logo

Net Grow have long prided in ensuring full support of all major browsers, Microsoft IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari & Opera; on both Windows & Mac. Today CSS3 is widely supported enough to make it viable in everyday use, making possible all sorts of animations, transitions and other cool FX.

jQuery Logo

We've been using JavaScript for progressive enhancement since before jQuery even existed! With the advent of jQuery, it became exponentially faster to improve the end user experience & we became experts with it.

Linux Logo

For any of our applications built on the PHP & MySQL stack, we use Linux & with an Apache server. Open source technology gives great scalability, low cost and tight security... so you can't go wrong. Decide you want to use Ruby on Rails instead? Want to use the open source version of ColdFusion, Railo? The flexibility is there.

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft technologies are still a great alternative and should you need the power of a SQL Server solution, Adobe ColdFusion or the .NET framework we can accommodate.

PHP Logo

PHP is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages today. With a huge community following, a wide range of frameworks and endless code libraries available, it's an easy choice for Net Grow to heavily support.


Going hand in hand with PHP, MySQL is the most robust, enterprise level, open source database available. Great speed and no cost makes it a no brainer. Should you have a specific requirement for another database or proprietary data store, we can help you with that too.

Apple Logo

At Net Grow we are a big fan of Apple. We not only use Mac for design & development, but iPhone, iPad & iPad mini for testing responsive web pages. Should you require a native iOS app built we can also do that too; whether you like Apple or not, with over 1 million apps in the App Store their presence is undeniable.

Android Logo

Android based mobile devices are continuing to grow in popularity and are a real contender for Apple. We don't negate Android users either and our mobile based web designs will also work great on Android OS. Mobile web is more and more crucial... But we have your business covered.

PayPal Logo

PayPal is one of the world's largest facilities for sending and taking payments online. From a simple "Pay Now" button to accept credit card payments online, to custom PayPal API integration, we can help.

Verisign Logo

Need SSL security for your application? We make use of certificates from leading providers such as Verisign with 128 or 256 bit security. This ensures all content transferred to and from your application is encrypted for extra security.

Sencha Logo

Sencha provides a wide range of frameworks for building RIAs including the enterprise ExtJS library; used by more than 50% of the Fortune 500. Need a custom client or client/server application? We can build it.

Windows Server Logo

We have just as much experience with Windows Server, IIS 7.5 and Microsoft SQL Server as Linux... And we select the best fit for your needs. So your options are always open.

Sony Logo

We can edit video and visual effects on both Windows and Mac. For video editing one of our choice tools is Sony Vegas Pro. Offering powerful edit features, which combined with Adobe After Effects can create amazing video content.

Adobe Air Logo

Bring your application to the desktop! The Adobe AIR SDK gives us the power to create bespoke, distributed Flex/AS3.0 or JavaScript apps which work on Windows, Mac & Linux. Perfect for when you need to shed the confines of the browser to solve a problem.

Didn't find what you were after? We probably can still help you out. Just call us on 1300 855 815 or get in touch by sending an online enquiry and someone will call to discuss your requirements.