Web Development

With 30 years of programming experience, our staff have a diverse range of project experience; of all different size jobs. When it comes to coding, Net Grow has got you covered.

From agriculture & pig farmers, to government libraries... to large construction companies or day spas...

Net Grow has successfully dealt with Australian businesses from all types of sectors, all with very different needs.

Our attention to detail and understanding of programming concepts has allowed us to satisfactorily service companies from Sydney to Perth, the CBD to Rural NSW and from Melbourne to Cairns; wherever you are in Australia, if you have a development need we can help. Call us on 1300 855 815 to discuss your requirements.

Catalogue systems

We have been building online, database driven catalogues for over 10 years; servicing furniture stores, to commercial catering equipment suppliers. By storing all of your product information in a database it allows easy manipulation and searching of the content, making it possible for anyone with even basic computer skills to add, update & delete products.

We build custom backends for each client, so whatever your exact needs, we can accommodate them. By not relying on "Off the shelf" products to do the task for us, it allows complete freedom to solve the problem in the best way possible.


Internet based sales are growing exponentially and in today's market, if your products are not available to purchase online then you could be missing out on a huge portion of potential revenue.

Like with catalogues, at Net Grow we have been building custom made online stores for the best part of a decade. We recognise that each one of our clients around Australia is vastly different and thus often has vastly different requirements. By not using a pre-packaged shopping cart product, we are not restricted in how we handle your exact needs and can therefore provide what will work best for the growth of your company. Should you be in the situation where you are just getting going, yet still want to provide customers a means to order online, we can provide you with simpler alternatives too.

We can support any type of online credit card Payment Gateway you need, as well as payment methods likes PayPal; all with 128-256 bit SSL encryption, just like banks use. Having built from the ground up ticketing & ordering for V8 Race experiences, to online outlet stores, we know a thing or two about E Commerce.


Online learning tools can save your company a great deal of money and time. Instead of paying for staff training or utilising valuable personnel resources on teaching employees or agents, why not take your course materials online? Net Grow can implement a custom, interactive learning system, which removes the need for the more costly on-going alternative.

Providing you the ability to maintain courses, marking, results & statistics; training people couldn't be simpler.

Content Management (CMS)

Our custom built CMS gives businesses of all shapes and sizes a simple, effective, functional method of adding and maintaining content on their web site.

Our CMS allows even people with only rudimentary computer knowledge to control web content. This puts you in power over what you wish the World to see and with all of your website data secure in a database; and a simple interface to change it, you're good to go... Just makes sense.

Intranets & Extranets

Net Grow can build your company a secure system for managing internal/external work flow and administration tasks.

Over the years we have created numerous customised systems from scratch; utilising advanced coding techniques & libraries to formulate platforms which will increase productivity for Australian businesses and save them time.

Whether you need to manage work flow, store OH&S documents, provide logins for external parties or interface with government APIs Net Grow can build it.


HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery Logo's

Net Grow only makes use of the latest web technologies. Hand coding your website with HTML5, CSS3 & the World's most popular JavaScript framework jQuery. This allows us to progressively enhance websites with effects & functionality which are eye catching and increase performance.

A key concern when building websites is cross browser, cross operating system support. Our websites have been built using XHTML 1.0 Strict since its inception, always supporting all major current release web browsers on Windows and Mac.

The new semantic markup added with HTML5 supersedes XHTML, making it the future; not only providing additional, long needed features, but improving the meaning of content so it will rank better in search engines like Google. Widespread browser support of HTML5 has allowed Net Grow to give you the latest features; while still maintaining consistency across all the different web browsers... Just makes sense.