Video Editing

Video is becoming more and more a part of the web. Net Grow can assist your business with video editing or visual effects to highlight a product or service you wish to promote.

Sony Vegas 12 Pro Box

We have experience with SD/HD video editing and photography in a diverse range of areas. From food to gems, gaming to sand & gravel; we can help.

Using professional tools from Apple, Sony & Adobe for editing, special effects, color correction, encoding & distribution we can ensure that whatever it is you wish to feature will end up looking stunning.

Once your video editing has been finished and all post processing has been applied, we will encode it for maximum compression/quality ratio using H.264; the most widely supported & popular compression algorithm on the Internet. We will then handle the setup & uploading stage to YouTube, Vimeo or a Cloud Based host such as Amazon; this will guarantee speed, exposure and very low, to no bandwidth costs. Net Grow can edit 720p & 1080p HD video or higher, ensuring your content looks great on large screens or TVs.

Should you want copies on disk? We can provide DVD or Blue Ray copies of the final production. Take a look at our case studies for some examples of our work.