SEO & Email Marketing

Being found is often one of the most important things for a business online. Net Grow has achieved great results for many Australian companies over the years, using a wide variety of promotional means.

Whether by SEO, Google Adwords or email marketing Net Grow can assist you with promotion and getting found. Not only that, but we ensure our clients can track their traffic with visual statistics by Google and if needed can help cultivate interest via Social Media marketing; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc... All ways to increase your brand presence on the Internet.

Having great, informative content on your website about what you sell or do will vastly effect how search engines consider you. A key part in Search Engine Optimisation is having valuable data there to be found. After all what is a user searching for anyway? A product or service they desire to find... and Google, Bing or any other search engine is hoping to give them the best result.

We don't believe in stuffing keywords, harvesting links or other sketchy techniques; but rather assisting you on our end to have a fast website with clean, semantic structured code, pretty URLs & information about what you do which a user will want to find. Sounds simple? It is.

Email marketing & Newsletters

Another perfect way to promote what you do is by leveraging the list of email addresses you likely already have; building this list over time by allowing users to subscribe online. Net Grow can configure all of this for you and design email templates which will look great in Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Gmail & Hotmail; so you know when you send something out it will be as well received as possible.

We generally make use of the leading bulk email service MailChimp for sending your email newsletters, due to its simplicity, robustness & detailed stats; ensuring it's tightly integrated with your website. Should you require a different custom bulk mailer implemented, we can build that too.

Combine that with the other Social Media marketing and SEO work we do and you have a winner. Contact us today to learn more.