Computer Programming

The staff at Net Grow have more than 30 years of programming experience and specialise in the planning, design & programming of computer systems.

Our experienced programmers have developed all kinds of applications using all sorts of programming languages. Yet we are not limited to simply coding... Net Grow can offer system analysis to consulting or any other kind of help you may need in getting your job done.

With keen logic and great conceptual understanding comes an ability to communicate in simple terms a complex area; something we excel in.

Our long history with an wide assortment of programming paradigms means that when you come to Net Grow for help with programming you won't be disappointed. Request a quote from us today.

System analysis

You may well already have an application in place, but is it functioning as needed? Does it do what you want? Is it a legacy system you are tired of? If any of these are true, Net Grow can can by finding out exactly what is needed through discussion and an analysis of your system. We can then advise on a solution or build you one ourselves.

If you are starting out fresh and need programming work done, then we will apply our analysis skills to the project from the beginning to see that the most important part; planning, is completed thoroughly. The blueprints for your application are vital... do you really want to compromise on this stage? Don't. Instead use Net Grow... Just makes sense.

Database design

We have a long history of programming databases... over 20 years. A crucial part of building any application, content management, shopping etc is how the database is structured and its optimisation.

The database is the brain of your system and your data is the most important part. Why take chances?