Case Study Vivid Gemstones

Logo, branding, graphic design, print, web development, photography & video for an International purveyor of top draw natural gemstones.

Vivid Gemstones is a boutique store dealing only in the highest quality natural gemstones. Requiring a complete solution which accurately represented the quality of their stock, Vivid had Net Grow assist them with all aspects of the company brand. This included a large amount of video work, integration with several APIs, a bespoke category/product system, super fast cloud hosting & extensive load testing/performance optimisations.

Vivid Gemstones Website

For this large project, a team of our best staff applied their diverse skills to deliver a solution which runs the full gamut of digital technologies. Branding, then building a completely custom, heavily optimised web application designed to not only function well, do great in the search engines, but be crazy fast too. This meant that even with large influx from TV promotion the web site is rock solid.

Vivid Gemstones search results
Vivid Gemstones product page
HD gem stone video
Smugmug logo

Net Grow made use of SmugMug pro for all image and video content. This allows Vivid Gemstones to store images at varying sizes & video of their product from small right on up to Hi-Def.

This is all handled seamlessly with API access, loading all product visuals from SmugMug, with a graceful fall back should its systems ever be unavailable or have trouble sending the content.

Amazon Web Services logo
Garnet gemstone

We used our professional equipment for all videos & photography in house (below). Over 200 gems were photographed and filmed on multiple angles; with the key focus maximum color accuracy as this can drastically effect price and value.

Once all the content was recorded we cleaned up each image with advanced Adobe Photoshop plug-ins and edited each video with Adobe After Effects. All video was saved at 100% quality, then encoded using the World's best video compression technology h.264 for maximum quality/file size ratio.

Net Grow assisted with the creation/theming of social media channels such as Twitter & Tumbler, then the uploading of video to YouTube, SmugMug & Facebook.

Net Grows photography of a Golden Beryl gem stone

The Vivid project encompassed a very wide assortment of skills, technologies & actions, all of which Net Grow was imminently proficient in.

Below is a list of different tools, programming languages & activities performed:

  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • CSS
  • IIS
  • ISAPI Rewrite
  • Adobe ColdFusion
  • MachII
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQL
  • MVC
  • OOP
  • Java
  • Custom CMS & Catalogue
  • Cache Management
  • Multi-Threading
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • Adobe Flash
  • YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Branding
  • Yahoo Libraries
  • SmugMug API
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Custom CDN Implementation
  • Dedicated Windows Server Cloud Hosting
  • Extensive Load Testing
  • SEO
  • Photography
  • Filming & Video Editing
  • Copywriting

After building a custom catalogue system from scratch; all with blazing speed in mind, we heavily load tested & tweaked the website to withstand 1000s of users concurrently.

Using an enterprise grade MVC framework, combined with scalable, dedicated, super fast cloud hosting from assisted by Amazon Web Services, the Vivid Website is extremely fast.

We employed aggressive caching & compression for every dynamic page, native multi-threading for all server side operations and a complex cache strategy for all of the business layer.

Vivid Gemstones logo

Vivid Gemstones is a high class boutique, showcasing unique and rare world class gemstones for sale of exceptional quality.

Sourcing only outstanding natural gemstones representing the very best of cut, color, polish and symmetry. Offering for sale rare gemstones of the highest quality.

Just Makes Sense
Tourmaline gemstone

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The photography & video work
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