Case Study Construction Company Application

A project to take work management online for a sizable Australian construction company managing 1000s of properties.

With 100s of employees and subcontractors, this company required a robust, secure, online system to manage their work delegation & flow, invoicing, pricing and statistics. Net Grow planned and created a custom application which provided secure access for their work providers, employees, management strata & subcontractors; assisting to increase organisation and accountability in the company.

Construction Company Application

The application supports many simultaneous users; all potentially different roles relating to the company; from Government work providers to management, from an electrician subcontractor to a work site inspector.

Using best practices and advanced coding techniques, we engineered the app from the ground up for performance, scalability and to meet changing needs.

Work listing screen
Work order management
Order variation management
Requested work variations control
Job comments reivew
General reporting and charts
Worker dashboard
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Servicing NSW Government Departments amongst other prominent clients, this system assisted in tenders & handling large volumes of work which otherwise would be impossible without it.

Each provider was configured with multiple user accounts containing reports, charts and access to view work which they had assigned to be completed.

1,000,000 lines of code
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Worker rate adjust screen

Every type of work item; which consisted of 1000s, was imported to the system & could be updated. Every worker account could have manual overrides configured (below), which then alter the default item pricing structure to increase or decrease by a % value or change to a fixed price.

This same principle also applied to each work provider. Allowing for flexibility on the default item prices; where variations to these had been negotiated.

Construction company system logs screen

This application was built by a dedicated team, making use of a wide array of skills, methodologies & tech such as:

  • Logo Design
  • User Interface Design
  • System Analysis
  • CSS
  • IIS
  • Adobe ColdFusion
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQL
  • Java
  • MachII
  • MVC
  • OOP
  • Custom Workflow Application
  • Automated System Processes
  • Quoting, Order & Invoicing System
  • POP3 Email Processing
  • API Integration
  • Legacy System Integration
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Adobe PDF Generation
  • Secure User Accounts
  • File Management
  • OH&S Features
  • Adobe Flash
  • Custom Charting & Reports
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Multi-Threading
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • XML
  • SSL Encryption
  • Email Alert System
  • Dedicated Servers

The construction application pictured was built with a top MVC framework, encrypted with SSL security & scaled to 100,000s of lines of code.

A custom role based system was used with 100s of configurable permissions, settings & access levels. Every system action is logged (right) and all user actions are recorded & geolocated; with 1,000,000s of logs accessible if needed.

It included the ability to automatically connect to POP3 email accounts, locate emails with XML work files attached, download, parse, process & assign new orders. The application could connect to legacy desktop programs and consume XML & Microsoft Office documents containing work information or administrators could manually create and assign work.

Orders would often contain into 100s of items needing to be completed and thus would be assigned by location & trade into smaller jobs. Each worker; whether an internal employee or subcontracting company is connected up with a job and has a certain subset of items to complete of the overall order.

Based on certain criteria jobs may be forced to need inspections performed or alternatively could manually be assigned to require inspection. Inspectors have their own logins and are alerted when jobs require inspection; this process can only take place when the worker for the job has reported it ready for inspection. This process can loop indefinitely, depending on inspection outcome or if variations are added or requested.

All work orders, jobs, inspections, items & variations could be commented on by any user; history maintained, with optional files, images etc. Any item or variation's price could manually be overridden on an order directly or changed in bulk for an entire job, again with a history maintained on all edits.

The app also featured: noticeboards, address/contact/tenant management, import export functionality, custom charts & reports, worker staff & file management, user profiles and much more.

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A leading multi-trade company with experience in the efficient and competitive delivery of construction and maintenance projects for the public and private housing sector.

With wide-ranging services which are utilised by the Land & Housing Corporation and a large number of community & social housing providers.

1.5 years of coding
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